I’ve uploaded a few new swfs to the site!  Links are below!  Check them out!

Dress for Success – Grab and spin the 3D objects on the left to create the proper dress for an interview.  I did the design, 3d objects, scripting (which includes some simple physics) and smoke effects.  Characters and poster art were done by Nick Harrell.

Citation Builder –  Drag and drop fragments to create a properly formed citation.  Correctly placed elements will lock into place when “Check Placement” button is clicked.  Try out the dynamic ordering function by placing citation fragments in various positions.

Drag and Zoom Image Viewer – Drag and zoom the image using your mouse or the on-screen interface.

Four Column Drag and Drop Activity – Drag and drop the phrases at the bottom to the appropriate column above.  Correct answers will lock into place when checked.  Each column can hold a maximum of six phrases.

Lumberjacks – The lumberjacks are dynamically created based on the number of trees present and will target and walk to the closest tree to the right of the screen.  Chopping animation is triggered by the Lumberjack’s proximity to its target tree.

All works listed were created for and are under copyright of Anthem College Online 2010.